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Discover Electronic Music

Opentracklist electronic music discovery engine is constantly learning from the world best DJs. They are the ones who know everything about club music and what the dancefloor is waiting for! For staying on top of the electronic music wave they constantly have to innovate, be creative and reinvent themselves, and that's why they are the reference for Opentracklist's intelligent music discovery engine, that takes their know-how to find and suggest you the best and greatest tracks for your music library.

By reviewing and analyzing millions of hours of Dj live sets, radio shows and performances, as well as going one by one through their tunes and understanding the response of electronic music fans to these tunes, Opentracklist music search engine is able to detect what kind of music is matching with a specific music preference. Each day thousands of new tunes are analyzed and hundreds of new artists reviewed on Opentracklist, so every day you can expect to find great music and discover something new and amazingly good.