About Opentracklist

Main Features

One Click To Listen Online

As simple as clicking on the "Play" button to hear that great melody you were looking for.

Favorite Tunes Bookmarks

Bookmark tracks on the fly so you can listen them over and over again.

Tunes Ranking

Know always what are the hottest tunes and listen them online in one click!

Suggestions of New Tunes

Discover new tracks that have been carefully reviewed and pre-selected by Opentracklist's intelligent music search engine

Best DJs' = Best Music

Opentracklist's music search engine is built and constantly learning from the best DJs in the world. Leverage Opentracklist to get their tunes selection know-how!

Effective User Interface

Opentracklist user interface goes straight to the point. A smart design ensures that you can fully dedicate to find tunes you've been always looking for.