Opentracklist Press Kit

What is Opentracklist?

Opentracklist is a music site with a revolutionary music search engine that discovers new music tunes to music fans through accurate tune suggestion by analyzing the content of Dj live sets, radio show and other tracklists looking for patterns that could highlight similarities between different music tunes.

How Opentracklist suggests music tracks?

Opentracklist uses an intelligent music search engine based on algorithms that can detect when one tune, given its music style, beats per minute and other parameters are close to the ones detected in other tunes. When such coincidences are found, Opentracklist music search engine is able to group those tunes and provide meaningful suggestions to its users assuming that the user would be interested in finding similar tunes to the one he is currently listening online. The audio samples to analyze by Opentracklist and to provide to the users as pre-listening material are found by Opentracklist's music search engine exclusively on publicly available sources including, but not only, artist's websites, online radio websites or audio and video portals among others.

How much it costs to use Opentracklist?

Opentracklist charges no usage fees to its users, it's free.

Contact to know more about Opentracklist:

info// at // or find us on Twitter: @Opentracklist

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